We offer a variety of programs to meet our customer's needs.


"The Dependable Oil Company"

Automatic Delivery - Let us take away the worry of watching your gauge on your oil tank.  With our automatic delivery program, our system monitors the daily temperatures and schedules your account based on your home's individual home heating factor.  Each delivery is a complete fill of the tank.  Customers are given 10 days to pay for their delivery and charged at the cash/check price.  Automatic Delivery Contract is required.    

Invoicing  - For those customers that want to control when and how much oil is delivered, but do not want to pay at time of delivery we offer 10 day invoicing.  Once oil is delivered, you will have 10 days to pay for the delivery.  A signed contract is required prior to delivery of oil. Invoicing is not available to first time customers.

Budgets - Our budget program runs from July through June of the upcoming season.  Payments are due the first of each month.  Customers are required to be on automatic delivery.   This program is perfect for those households on a fixed income.

Prepay Oil  -  Our prepay program locks the price of your oil deliveries during the duration of the program and/or until all purchased gallons are delivered.  A minimum of 400 gallons must be purchased.  Pricing is available late summer for the upcoming season.  Price per gallon for the gallons purchased is locked in.  Purchased oil must be paid in full to reserve gallons.  Customers are required to be on automatic delivery.  Oil is to be delivered during the months of October through April.